Pavement Management

Every few years the Engineering Department inspects and evaluates city streets through its Pavement Management Program. After streets are inspected they are evaluated and given an overall rating, ranging from excellent to worst. Generally, streets having a rating of poor or worst are candidates for pavement reconstruction while streets having a rating of fair are candidates for mill and overlay.  The 2013 Pavement Rating map shows the rating of all city streets.

Routine maintenance is also as part of the pavement management program, which includes pothole patching, crack sealing and/or filling.  If you see an issue with a street please contact Public Works at 651-275-4100 or click to report the problem online.

Streets scheduled for a project must go through the public improvement process where streets are identified, costs are determined, and an assessment is rate is proposed. Assessment rates are determined such that a portion of the project cost is paid for by the benefiting property within the project and the remaining portion is paid for by the community though the general tax levy. Assessment rates vary year to year and depend on the type of project.  Visit our Public Improvement Process web-page for information on how the assessment process works.  Click here to see which streets are planned for improvement in 2017 and then visit our construction projects web-page for more construction updates on this years project.  You can also signup to received street project updates via email - Click here to register.