Neighborhood Conservation District (NCD)

Stillwater Neighborhood Conservation District Map
Stillwater Neighborhood Conservation District Map

The (Stillwater) Neighborhood Conservation District (NCD) has been established to help protect and preserve the unique character of Stillwater’s residential neighborhoods, by regulating and providing Design Guidelines for new infill development within the NCD.

Its purpose is to conserve the traditional neighborhood fabric, guide future infill development within the district, and discourage unnecessary demolition of structures that contribute to the district’s historic character. The NCD helps preserve local character, neighborhood pride, and property values. It also helps promote and sustain a diverse and affordable range of homes, and the general economic vitality of the area.

In the NCD, new construction projects are reviewed using standards that emphasize compatible development in terms of size, massing, and relationship to the larger neighborhood context, and to a lesser extent, specific architectural features.  Use the map, to the right, to determine if your property is in the NCD

A guideline booklet has been developed to assist property owners with new construction in the NCD.  Please use the link, below, to view more information about this district, the guidelines, as well as the process for design review of new construction.  

Contact the Community Development Department at 651-430-8820 to discuss your project prior to submittable of an application.