Do you have questions about the health of your tree or shrub? Contact the City of Stillwater Forestry Consultant who can help you answer questions about how to care for your trees or shrubs in your yard or identify a plant unknown to you. Some questions may be answered over the phone and some will require a general visual inspection. This service is free of charge to Stillwater city residents and allows you to get a diagnosis and recommendation regarding the tree or shrub.

Tree Trimming
In order to keep streets and sidewalks clear of branches, trees and shrubs, city crews have been pruning woody plants growing in and near city right-of-way areas.  Typically branches are pruned to a height of 12-14 feet above the roadway, 3 feet from the inside edge of sidewalks and 6 feet from the edge of roadways without sidewalks. 

  • Note:  It is the homeowner's responsibility to trim tress/branches that are on private property that overhang into the street or obstruct traffic visibility and signs.  Should the property owner not accomplish this, the City will trim trees that interfere with public safety issues. 

Homeowners that choose to trim trees or bushes other than boulevard trees can bundled up the branches and put out for Waste Management to pickup.  Contact Waste Management for size and bundling requirements or see the list below to find a nearby compost site.

Tree Cutting/Removal
A Tree Cutting permit is required prior to any trees been cut or removed in certain areas.  See the application for clarification on when a permit is needed. 

Landowners are encouraged to remove this highly invasive tree from their property.  Learn more about identifying, controlling and removing buckthorn from the Minnesota DNR website.  The City of Stillwater will pickup buckthorn debris.  Contact Public Works at 651-275-4100 for more information.

Neighbor's Tree
If your neighbor's tree is impacting your yard, try to work out a solution with your neighbor.  The location of the trunk determines who owns the tree.  If the trunk is in your neighbor's yard and parts of the tree hang over your yard, you have the right to trim them.  But you do not have the right to enter your neighbor's property without their permission, and you cannot trim the tree in a way that will harm it or lead to its demise.

If leave, seeds, nuts, twigs or "natural debris" from your neighbor's tree fall in your yard, they are your responsibility.  However, if the tree or large limbs fall in your yard, your neighbor may be responsible for abating this.  For more information see Minnesota Tree Law.

Boulevard Tree Planting
There are many things to consider when planting trees near the street: width of the boulevard strip between the curb and the sidewalk, underground and overhead utilities, snow removal, sand and deicing salts, vehicle clearance and characteristics of the tree species.  The city-owned right-of-way usually extends approximately 14 feet beyond the curb and gutter; therefore, residents desiring to plant in this area need to get City approval.  View the City of Stillwater guidelines for planting trees in the boulevard right-of-way.  Call the Engineering Department at (651) 430-8830 before you plant.

Storm Damage to Trees
City of Stillwater does not pickup debris from trees located on private property.

Compost and Brush Drop-off Sites
The City of Stillwater does not have a compost or city dump site. Residents can contact Waste Management at 952-890-1100 for information on how to dispose of leaves and branches curbside.

For other compost and/or brush drop off sites, you may contact the following privately-owned companies.  Fees may apply.

  • Rumpca Companies Inc. in Cottage Grove,  contact 651-459-1556 or visit their website
  • Gertens in Denmark Township, contact 651-450-1501 or visit their website
  • Compositng Companies Inc., contact 651-436-1213

The City of Stillwater has free wood chips available throughout the year

The wood chips are located next to the new dog park and JC Ballfields off of Myrtle Street.  Stop by and help yourself.