Event Planning

The City of Stillwater encourages events and would like to help make them run smoothly. In doing so, it is important to balance the probable impacts of the event on the community with the desires of the event participants. Some events may include street closures, amplified music, admission charges, sale of goods or services or have a large number of people.

To improve the chances of having a successful event and maintain the quality of life for the surrounding community, these activities require permits to give City departments, Commissions or the City Council the opportunity to review the plans with an eye toward the goal of balance and safety.  Below is a summary of how to apply for a permit to hold an event in the City of Stillwater.

Please note: Event policies are currently being revised.  Events may be required to adhere to the new policies once approved.

  1. Check availability of dates to hold your event in the City of Stillwater by calling 651-430-8837 before submitting your application.  
  2. Review the Event Instructions.  These will explain which type of event your gathering will be and provide a checklist of items needed.  Please also review the policies and fees.
  3. Complete the City of Stillwater Event Application. Please watch for deadlines and don't forget to submit a site plan with your application. Incomplete or late applications will be returned to the applicant. 

Any questions when planning your event or completing the application, please call 651-430-8837.


Neighborhood Block Parties

The City of Stillwater wants you to have an enjoyable block party and remain safe.  All block parties will be required to complete the Event Application (some items may not pertain to your gathering however please be thorough so we can assist you).   Barricades will be required and applicable fees will be due prior to the event.


Large Gatherings in the Parks

Any gathering (event gatherings such as weddings, family reunions, company picnics) with 250 people or more in attendance at a City of Stillwater park will be required to submit an Event Application. (Some items may not pertain to your gathering however please be thorough so we can assist you).  Contact 651-430-8837 to check availability of the park before submitting your Event Application. 

Large Gathering Exceptions

  • Any athletic event that has a park reservation approved by the City's park reservation staff is not required to complete an Event Application but must contact 651-430-8837 to make a reservation to hold a tournament.  (Applicable tournament fees will apply.)
  • Any gathering in a city park that is less than 250 people in attendance is not required to complete the Event Application but still must call 651-430-8837 to make a park reservation.  (Applicable fees/deposits will apply.)