Burning Permits and Recreational Fires

Permits to burn for controlled burning in the City of Stillwater can be obtained by visiting the Stillwater Fire Department at 250 Maryknoll Drive.


Burn Permits are issued during office hours which are Monday through Friday 9AM - 3PM.


The fee is $20.00.

Burning Permit Application


For burn permits outside the city limits contact the following:

  • Grant: Joyce Welander, 439-2598
  • Stillwater Township: Steve Nelson, 439-0796
  • May Township: Bill Klein, 430-2464


Recreational Fires


Recreational fires are allowed in the City of Stillwater without a permit if you conduct your burning following these regulations:

  • Size is not to exceed 3’ in diameter and 2’ in height
  • Must be contained within an approved fire pit
  • Must be located at least 25’ from a structure or other combustible materials
  • Must be attended at all times by an adult
  • Only clean, dry wood may be used; no leaves or construction materials.
  • Must have a garden hose connected or an extinguishing device readily available


For any fire larger than what is listed for a recreational fire, you will need to obtain a burning permit. 


With both types of fires the Fire Department has the authority to cancel burning and extinguish the fire if they feel the fire is a public safety hazard or we have received complaints of nuisance smoke.