2008 Comprehensive Plan

NOTICE: This section is historical information related to how the 2030 Comprehensive Plan was developed by the City of Stillwater.

See the final approved plan

The City of Stillwater is pleased to announce the release of the Metropolitan Council Review Draft of the 2030 Comprehensive Plan Update. This document reflects the final draft of the plan that will be reviewed by the Metropolitan Council.

Download a copy of the draft plan (Note: The plan is 70.7 MB in size).

Hard and digital copies of the plan are also available for public review at the Stillwater Public Library Reference Desk and at the Stillwater City Hall in the Community Development Department. The digital version of the documents contain bookmark links to each section of the plan.

This Comprehensive Plan will replace the current plan which was adopted in 1995 and it will also include a chapter that replaces the current Downtown Plan (adopted in 1988).

To guide the process the City has established two steering committees (one for the Comprehensive Plan and one for the Downtown Plan) to help the City through the comprehensive planning process.

The primary tasks of the Steering Committees will include:

  • Provide advice as stakeholders on process, public engagement, input for public meeting materials and methodologies
  • Attend neighborhood meetings together with the planning consultants and City staff to experience first hand the identification of issues and goals
  • Provide feedback and suggestions at monthly meetings


If you have questions about the plan or the process please contact Bill Turnblad, Community Development Director, 216 N 4th Street.

Previously Completed Plans and Studies